Spur Economic Development

Renovated train stations have the potential to spark greater economic development in the heart of their communities. Station improvements offer a return on investment for years to come.


Honoring Your Community's History

America's rail stations have witnessed history unfold and played host to some of our nation's most difficult and proudest moments. Stations are pieces of our country's history and treasures not to be lost or forgotten.


Cultural Space & Museums

Grand train stations, often centrally located and built of fine materials richly embellished, now offer unique opportunities for renewal in cities and towns where prime real estate is scarce.

Help Build Great American Stations

There are dozens of reasons to invest in your local train station.

Get help with your station project from Amtrak experts now and discover the possibilities in your community today.

Featured Station

A Warm Welcome:
Hudson, New York

Built for the New York Central Railroad in 1874, the depot is within walking distance of the vibrant downtown, noted for its diverse architecture and variety of shops, galleries and restaurants. Accessible by ocean-going ship, Hudson grew in the 19th century from whaling, sealing and international trade, as well as access to rich agricultural lands.

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Tools You Can Use

Amtrak’s Station Planning Guidelines

The Station Program and Planning Guidelines have been developed to assist communities and planners in the planning, design, construction, rehabilitation and redevelopment of Amtrak-served facilities.

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Latest News

Amtrak Service Extended to Burlington, Vermont

Through a commitment by Vermont of more than $115 million in state and federal resources, daily service on the Ethan Allen Express was extended north to Burlington in late July. This move adds three Vermont communities to the Amtrak national network and provides a new, sustainable mobility option for residents and visitors to the Green Mountain State.

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