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Development checklist download linkCongratulations! Please take a few minutes to fill out this form to provide Amtrak with background information on your project.

You may also use our checklist to help you and your community move forward in your renovation and/or restoration efforts. Additionally, please contact your Amtrak Government Affairs representative to inform him or her about your proposed project. The Government Affairs employee will bring the project to the attention of other relevant Amtrak departments and the host railroad to help ensure your project moves ahead.

  • Notify your state Department of Transportation (DOT) of your project to better understand how it may fit into the state’s transportation plan.
  • Check with your local historic commission and State Historic Preservation Office to determine if your depot or parcel is designated historic.
  • Work with Amtrak Engineering and Stations Planning personnel, through the Amtrak Government Affairs representative, who can assess the feasibility of your project and provide guidance on platform length and height and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) matters.
  • If rehabilitating an older structure, schedule a building assessment including structural, exterior, site, civil, parking, roof, HVAC, electrical, fire protection, security, ADA accessibility, and general code evaluations.
  • Contact your municipal planning department to ensure the station project adheres to local zoning and building codes; seek amendments if necessary.
  • Contact the Great American Stations Project and your state DOT for information about possible state and federal funding.
  • Work with the host railroad to determine how much liability insurance is needed since construction will take place near active tracks; be sure to factor the cost of a flagman into your project budget.

We Love Feedback

ee255f0e-727a-460a-a5bb-6ee451c410acWe’re always looking for ways Amtrak can help with your station program. If you have feedback, or just find something here at Great American Stations useful, we’d love to hear from you.

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