Signage imparts vital information to passengers as they approach and use station facilities, including town names and the location of amenities such as ticket desks and restrooms.

In addition to improving the customer experience and enhancing safety and security, Amtrak signage must also comply with standards related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), so that it is understood by all users.

Signage also helps reinforce the Amtrak brand by creating a consistent image across the nation. Amtrak currently produces signage for use at stations and at community gateways to direct passengers to stations and signify that a town or city is served by Amtrak.

Amtrak Signage Manual

The goals of the Amtrak Signage Manual are to convey a consistent corporate image of the company’s strength and reliability and reflect a brand that puts the safety, comfort and enjoyment of every passenger first. Signage design and the degree of consistency with which signs are fabricated and installed in our stations makes a collective statement to the public about the character of Amtrak and the level of service experienced.

2d8b707b-b5c6-40dc-b3b4-cdea8947cf4aThe Manual covers the following topics:

  • Building Blocks – Provides background information on the purpose of Amtrak’s sign system.
  • Sign Details – Discusses mounting options, symbology, sign size and layout and design intent. Also describes the various types of signs: platform, interior, exterior, regulatory and electronic.
  • Sign Location – Describes where the various Amtrak sign types should be located at platforms and stations.
  • Sign Maintenance Procedures
  • Sign Fabrication and Installation
  • Ordering Information

If you have any questions about this document, please contact the Amtrak Signage Brand Management group.

A special note to city/town officials, planners, architects and engineers working on a station signage project: even if your project is only in the visioning phase, please contact the Signage Brand Management group to ensure it is aware of your plans.

Amtrak Trailblazer Signage

Municipalities, counties and state DOTs or highway authorities may order Trailblazer Signage kits from Amtrak at no cost. Each kit includes a Trailblazer sign with the Amtrak logo, directional arrow and hardware for mounting to a standard u-channel post. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) green station symbol panel is also available. Communities must provide the posts, oversee installation and provide Amtrak with a list of installation sites. Trailblazer Signage meets FHWA requirements for reflectivity.


Order free Trailblazer Signage kits by filling out our easy online request form. For further information, please contact Senior Manager Facilities Development John S. Bender, AICP, FMP.

Amtrak Community Signage

Municipalities, counties and state DOTs or highway authorities may order Community Signage from Amtrak at no cost. It is designed to alert people to the fact that your town or city is one of more than 500 Amtrak-served communities in 46 states; therefore, it features the Amtrak logo and the phrase “An Amtrak-Served Community.” The signage meets Federal Highway Administration requirements for reflectivity and comes with mounting hardware for a standard u-channel post.

Photo courtesy of the City of Durham, N.H.

Photo courtesy of the city of Durham, N.H.

For further information and to order free Community Signage, please contact your local Amtrak Government Affairs Representative.

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