Riverside, CA (RIV)

Riverside shot to early fame as the first place in North America to successfully grow navel oranges. It is also home to the Mission Inn, which has hosted presidents, royalty and movie stars.

4066 Vine Street
Metrolink Station
Riverside, CA 92507

Station Hours

Annual Station Revenue (2016): $1,114,144
Annual Station Ridership (2016): 12,287
  • Facility Ownership: Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC)
  • Parking Lot Ownership: Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC)
  • Platform Ownership: Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC)
  • Track Ownership: BNSF Railway

Alex Khalfin
Regional Contact
For information about Amtrak fares and schedules, please call 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245).


The Riverside station opened its doors as a transit facility on June 14, 1993. It consists of a platform with small shelters to protect travelers from inclement weather and the sun. Amtrak service by the Southwest Chief was introduced to the station on April 29, 2002, ending the practices of Amtrak trains passing through Riverside without a scheduled stop. Today, the station serves mainly as a Metrolink commuter train and transit bus station, in addition to Amtrak.

The city of Riverside was founded in the early part of the 1870s by abolitionist John North. It would become famous early in its history for being the first place in North America to successfully grow navel oranges. The first navel orange trees introduced to the region, given as gifts to Eliza Tibbets by a friend in the United States Department of Agriculture, were transplanted from the original navel orange trees grown in Brazil. Their success in Riverside led to a worldwide popularity.

Riverside is also home to the world-renowned “Mission Inn”. This small hotel, originally knows as “Glenwood Cottage”, was modeled after Franciscan missions left in California during previous centuries. It has been frequented over the years by a myriad of famous faces, which has included Presidents, notably William Howard Taft, visiting royalty, and movie stars. Riverside is also the home to Amtrak’s Western Reservation Sales Contact Center.

Amtrak does not provide ticketing or baggage services at this facility, which is served by two daily trains.


  • 50 Short Term Parking Spaces
  • 50 Long Term Parking Spaces
  • Accessible Platform
  • Accessible Water Fountain
  • Dedicated Parking
  • Elevator
  • Elevator Accessible
  • Metrolink Kiosk
  • Pay Phones